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Showcase #101

Showcase #101

6.0 Fine;  Title: Mystery In SpacePlot: On board their ship and attempting to contact Thanagar, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are startled when Adam Strange breaks through a wall, and tells them to warp into hyperspace to elude his pursuers — the Vantors. When they are safe, he explains that Rann has been invaded en masse by his former foes; the Vantors, the Kirri, the Arvese and the Dust Devils. Adam also informs the two that he was originally heading for Earth to gain help from the Justice League, but was somehow detected by the Vantors.
Suddenly, Hawkman's ship malfunctions and is forced to head back toward Rann. He suspects that Strange has sabotaged it, until he discovers Carl Sands, the Shadow Thief, has been hiding on board in the "shadow dimension."
A "voice" told Sands how to rebuild the Dimensiometer, locate Hawkman's ship, get inside and force it to head for Rann. Hawkman "warps" only himself into the shadow dimension and overcomes the Shadow Thief, but when they return to "real" space, they discover that Rann is being invaded by Thanagar's fleet -- Hawkman's and Hawkgirl's home planet.

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