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Journey Into Mystery, Vol. 1 #122

Journey Into Mystery, Vol. 1 #122

3.0 Good/Very Good;  Title: Where Mortals Fear to Tread! / Tales of Asgard: The Grim Specter of MutinyPlot: Where Mortals Fear to Tread - Thor was merely stunned and begins to fight back, striking too quick for Absorbing Man to retaliate. Loki uses the attractor bean of Ularic to transport Absorbing Man to Asgard. Jane then causes an explosion to attract the attention of Thor, who saves her. Thor then changes to Blake to treat her wounds, when a camera flash goes off. The mysterious figure has photographed Thor changing into Blake. The hood then comes off revealing Harris Hobbs. In Asgard, Loki confronts Absorbing Man and he is about to strike Loki, when he is transported somewhere where there is nothing but ice and snow, and even Absorbing Man cannot take the intense cold. He is then transported back before Loki. Loki then takes Absorbing Man into the throneroom, where he begins to fight through the palace guard. Don is tending Jane in the hospital when Hobbs calls, wanting to meet with him. Thor tells him to hand over the photo or else. Hobbs refuses, knowing that Thor would not harm him. Thor then transports Hobbs to the distant past, threatening to leave him to the mercy of the dinosaurs, which would not be breaking his oath. He then takes him to the far distant future, where mankind has left the planet entirely. They then return to the present, where Hobbs promises to destroy the picture, if Thor will take him to Asgard just to see it, to which Thor agrees. In Asgard, Loki and Absorbing Man have broken through to the throneroom, where Odin blasts Absorbing Man with a cosmic bolt. Absorbing Man just absorbs it, and hurls it back at the unsuspecting Odin.

Tales of Asgard: The Grim Specter of Mutiny - Loki leads a mutiny at sea in the face of the maelstrom, and Thor stands with the Warriors Three to hold to the mission.

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